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Kings Cross board games meetups update

When I heard that Fresh Light was going to start a board games meet-up in Kings Cross, I knew I wanted to be involved. In fact, I was so into the idea that I’ve become one of the hosts for the evenings!

But in spite of the growth and popularity of tabletop gaming, some may still ask ‘Why games?’ I would respond that the structured fun gets everyone involved, you literally take it in turns so every player has a part to play. Games also bring the more reserved out of their shells. A bit of healthy competition is sometimes all it takes to bring someone out of their shell. Yes, games are a useful tool in building community and community is what Fresh Light is all about. We’ve formed a loyal band of gamers at Kings Cross. It’s not just the games that bring people back time and again. It’s the welcome of the people who lead it and many of those who attend. We as hosts go out of our way to set that culture, to warmly greet everyone, to get them involved, to laugh and joke with them (My personal favorite style of game is the shorter party games where the laughter comes pretty easily).

It’s true, everyone has their own preferred style of game, it may be involved strategy or fast-paced card game but you’ll find something to meet your interests at the meet-up but more than that you’ll quickly feel welcomed and at home among us.

That’s the model we’ve created and that everyone has taken and run with. I think spaces like this are so important in our city. Sometimes we need space to relax and unwind amongst like-minded people who want you to take part in a fun activity with them. To anyone interested and in the area, why not come and play?

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