"We were made for Community"

What we do is all about building authentic community! To show this, we decided to create a platform for Fresh Light members to; meet, chat and connect with others through our site,

This is why we are now trialling a member system where people with similar interests can contact one another in a group setting. 

When you become a Fresh Light member, we encourage you to write a little bit about yourself, so that we can help connect you with people who have similar interests to you and are within a similar geographical location.

Fresh Light is a great place to initiate initial meetings of people even suggest fun activities for people to do as a wider group- some people may have similar interests to yourself. 

When creating a membership profile, we encourage you to write a little about yourself, your interests and even a photo that may help people get an idea about what is important to you.

You can get a chance to post in some of our groups or even organise some activities which will help to connect people to our wider group.