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"Events that help people to experience community"

"We were made for Community"


What we do is all about building authentic community! To show this, we decided to create a platform for Fresh Light members to; meet, chat and connect with others through our site,

This is why we are now trialling a member system where people with similar interests can contact one another in a group setting. 

When you become a Fresh Light member, we encourage you to write a little bit about yourself, so that we can help connect you with people who have similar interests to you and are within a similar geographical location.










Fresh Light is a great place to initiate initial meetings of people even suggest fun activities for people to do as a wider group- some people may have similar interests to yourself. 


You can get a chance to post in some of our groups or even organise some activities which will help to connect people to our wider group.


Fresh Light Community


Welcome to the profile section. This is where we would like you to tell us a bit about yourself so that we can connect you with people you share similar interests with.


This also helps us to tailor our activities and events to what you all enjoy. This could be a group of like-minded people connecting through groups who share a similar interest in walking and so can start to connect and arrange walking meetups.


Building a Profile


Creating a profile with us allows you to connect with others you may have seen or chatted to at some of our events. To tailor your profile, we ask you to put a profile picture of yourself and tell us more about yourself and your interests!


Fresh Light Community Guidelines


What this is:


Fresh Light tailor and create events and experiences that bring people together. As people meet through our events, whether in-person or online, we encourage people to meaningfully connect as a group, which helps to build community.


  • Community: This is a premium platform that we offer to create opportunities for genuine human connection i.e.


  • Experience: From our community platform, we want to enable people to be a part of the Fresh light experience.


We aim to make people feel safe at our events and have a team of hosts who welcome and facilitate what we do. 


Fresh Light was started by a couple of friends who knew each other from church and decided to put on events and experiences where people can have fun and be real.


What this is not:


  1. We are not a dating site. If you meet someone and get married then hooray, but this is not what we are about!

  2. We are not a soft touch. This is a no BS environment. We don’t tolerate drama nor shady behaviour!

  3. This is not a marketplace.

  4. We are not set up for providing counselling or service provision and support.

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