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A bit about me!

I am an adventurous and sociable soul and I love to bring people together for real connection and community. I think experience is what we live for whether that is in the form of good conversation or outdoor activities, it's all good!


Country: UK

City: London

Postcode: SE1

Interests: Connecting with others, discussion, games, sports, walking, climbing, socialising.

Events - I like to attend a variety of events and enjoy hosting,. I like people!

Holidays - Here at Fresh Light we have put on a number of holidays and are looking to do more! We have already put on a couple of ski trips and mini breaks away. Let us know if you are interested in coming along to some of our holidays or short breaks, or if you have some ideas about where we could go next!

Online - Since COVID 19 came along in 2000 we have started to put on a variety of online events. This allows people to join us from all over the world. Online is a great way to; meet, chat and connect with others!

At Fresh light, we want people to Experience Authentic Community with each other.

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Wesley Von-Evans