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Your fitness, health & wellbeing is a journey best travelled with others.

There are a handful of moments in life when we genuinely feel we are all in it together.

2020 has been one of those years, while we have all experienced different challenges through lockdown, we can all say we have felt a challenge of some sort. Shared experiences, shared community, a sense that we are not on our own and have others journeying alongside us - this a crucial element of what it is to be human.

Lockdown has also brought into sharp focus the key positive role that exercise can play to help keep healthy routines for the body and mind.

My journey with fitness has hit a fair few highs and lows over the years! But I can safely say it has been a consistent antidote and tonic to the stresses and strains of life.

I am passionate about coming alongside others in their fitness journey and goals, helping people to feel more positive, healthy and ultimately more alive living their lives in all their fullness.

I am excited to be partnering with Fresh Light event to host a series of workout classes for the community and I look forward to getting to know you all through September. In designing the classes I’ll be looking to make them as accessible as possible, so please do make any requests in the comments below and I will pick these all up and incorporate into workout planning.

If you are keen to get a flavour of what the classes will look and feel, please check out my Youtube channel and the ‘Body weight’ workout playlist in particular.

I also post daily workout routines on Instragram that you can also check out!

Look forward to seeing you on Monday evenings!


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