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LIVE Online Pilates Class with Fionnuala

Every Wednesday in October, we have decided to continue our fitness-themed month following our fitness sessions with Marcus Hobley. This month Fionnuala will be taking us through an online pilates class every Wednesday.

Below is a bit more about Fionnuala and the classes she will be running!

About me

I have been a qualified Pilates instructor for 8 years now after having studied under the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute in 2012 and having completed their Matwork Pilates course for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Pilates.

Aside from my Pilates I work as a Neurological Physiotherapist for the NHS helping people with long term neurological conditions with advice regarding, strength, balance and walking. In my spare time you can often find me out running (I have completed 9 Marathons to date), working out, seeing friends, reading, travelling, listening to music, singing or playing guitar (well trying to).

About Pilates

Pilates was developed by Joesph Pilates, a German physical trainer, in the 1920’s. Created as a form of rehabilitation for Soldiers returning from war and strength training for dancers.  He believed that life-style, poor posture and inefficient breathing played a large role in peoples poor health and therefore devised a series of exercises to try to correct this.

Now-a-days Pilates has been adapted to help to strengthen peoples core , recover from injury,  and improve their posture.

This course

This course will comprise of 30 minutes sessions, the first focusing on the 5 key principles of modern-day Pilates and introducing you to some of the keys moves. As the sessions progress I will introduce further moves and ways to progress these to a more intermediate and advanced level.

Come and join our classes and other events on our events page!


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