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An exciting week ahead!

We hope you are enjoying the start of Spring and that you had a great Easter! Over the last few weeks we have been working hard to put together a number of events for you to enjoy. Our aim is to put on events, which you love and whilst having the opportunity to meet others and experience community.

Just a taster of some of the events we have over the next couple of weeks for you!

First Friday - First Friday is our longest standing event and has been going on for around six years. It is a free afterwork drinks networking event usually held in a bar in central London. We usually have between 100-200 people who are welcomed by our amazing 'host' team and it's a great way to; meet, chat and connect with others.

Party on the Thames - This is another of our flagship events. We have put on a few of these now and they have been great fun. We have hired a boat to go up and down the river Thames just for you. We have provided hand picked DJ's who play the best in House, Funk and Soul whilst seeing the sights of London. There are limited tickets remaining, so hurry and get yours today.

Brixton Food and Culture Tour - This is new, although we had a positive response from the last time we put on the event. It's a chance to have a tour of an area of London and hear about some of the culture and history of the area while sampling some local produce, a great way to meet others and have fun. There is a small charge of £10 for this event.

MOD Pizza meetup - Inspired by my housemate(who loves this place) - we have our own room where we can chat and meet others while enjoying a personally designed pizza(you choose from around 50 toppings, and yes you can choose them all!). Come along to; meet, chat and connect with others over pizza and a beer or selection of softdrinks. The event is FREE, but you will need to buy a pizza!

Board Games meetup - This is a new social and we provide space in a quiet bar for you to come and play board games with others. It is new for us and we will bring a couple of games, but suggest you bring your own as the selection is small. Simply join others to play your favorite games and meet others along the way. This event is also FREE, but you are expected to buy food or a drink at the bar!

London Walks - This is also a new event. We choose a place to meet within an hour travel from central London by train and have a walking route in the countryside. There is usually a place to stop for food en-route or at the end of the walk. This event is also FREE, but you will need to pay for travel, food and drinks.

Why we charge for some events?

There are a number of costs to keep the website going and to make sure that our events are sustainable, we have decided to setup as a business to make sure that you, our customer will have the best service. Although we will keep a number of events free, we have to make money on some to keep going. If you believe in what we are doing and support our vision of "Helping people to experience community", we would love you to support us by; attending our events, telling others about is or helping us host an event which you love. We love your feedback and love to hear what you think. Please give us feedback on how you think we are doing and can improve.

We hope to see you at one of our events soon!

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