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Summer is coming!

Following the success of the Fresh Light Party on the Thames, we have decided to put on another boat party on Saturday 15 September. For the next month we have Super Early Bird Tickets available for groups, just £70 for four tickets! That means you are able to purchase Early Bird tickets for just £17.50 each!

We have also enjoyed other events, including; MOD Pizza Evening, Games Evening, Cinema Club and Weekend Walks. We are starting to put these on a regular basis, so check our website to book your place on these!

The aim of what we do at Fresh Light is to put on more activities and events that provide opportunities for people to Experience and be a part of Community.

To make this successful we want to welcome people who attend our events allowing them to be real and be valued. We are looking for people who love being around people to join our hosting team, which we are looking to expand over the coming weeks. If you are somebody who loves being around others and would like to join our team, let us know as we look to have a hosts community meeting every month, so the hosting team can start to bond also.

If you are interested in hosting or putting on an event with us, please email us.

Look forward to seeing you at one of our meetups soon!!

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