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First Friday is Coming to Bristol!

The idea behind First Friday doesn’t sound particularly revolutionary. It’s simply a drinks social on the first Friday of every month, which was originally started by a group of friends who met in church. So why replicate this London event in Bristol?

Cheryl had the idea of socials for Bristol!

I promise it’s not just my FOMO that the capital city is having all the fun. I am thankful that I now have a diverse group of friends who I first got to know through attending First Friday events in London during its early years.

There was something special (and surprisingly revolutionary) about having the time and space to chat to people. Instead of squeezing small talk in around a busy event schedule, we were able to attend an event with the sole purpose of connecting and getting to know others.

Following the experiences, myself and a few friends are bringing First Friday to Bristol! We already have a small team who are passionate about connecting people in Bristol. Myself and Steph - who both moved to Bristol from London about four years ago, have linked with another friend Kirsty who moved here from Manchester and decided to work together with Tony and Steve, who are fortunate enough to actually come from Bristol to make these evenings happen!

We all originally met at Woodies Church in Cotham and bonded over a love of post-service roast dinners!

First Friday Bristol Team

Selfishly I’ll admit I’m hoping First Friday might expand my own social circle. But - bigger picture - we’re all really hoping it will be a way to build friendships and real community between the many great churches across this vibrant city we call home.

We have now found a bar, the popular Old Fish Market at the centre of Bristol's Old town. We have booked the Yard Room which we have to ourselves! The first, First Friday event in Bristol will take place on 1st March, so please tell your friends in the south-west to join this shiny new facebook group for updates.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or would like to get involved in the team, or have ideas for other events we can put on to help connect people!

We hope to meet you soon,

Cheryl the Bristol team

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